Vision statement

To achieve a legitimate Nigeria and Africa, by dislodging internal colonialism in Nigeria.

Mission statement

To encourage horizontal and vertical accountability in Nigeria and Africa


NPM, philosophy is based on the inalienable rights of man as enshrined in Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHRs), of 1948 and chapter 4 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


NPM is committed to ensure that:

  1. No ex-leader of Nigeria shall be eligible to contest for any political post in Nigeria, starting from today 1, October 2018.
  2. All Nigerians shall vote in their states of residences and not state of origin, come to 2019 general election
  3. There shall be an open debate among  all political aspirants  before 2019 general election  
  4. Qualification to contest any political post in Nigeria shall include individual investment in Nigeria among other grounds as stated in 1999 constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria and other relevant laws of the land
  5. No Nigerian leader in any capacity, or their wards shall travel over-sea for medical treatments
  6. No Nigerian leader or their ward shall travel abroad for education purposes
  7. The wards of aspiring Nigerian leaders (immediate family members), at least 90% shall be in Nigeria during election and after election.


Mr. Uzu, Mustard Solomon -Chairman of NPM

Uzu, Mustard Solomon.

Our leader Mr. Uzu, Mustard Solomon, is a Nigerian, from Abia. BSc. International Law and Diplomacy, MSc. Peace and Conflict Studies Babcock University.

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